Warrior Cats Wiki

Theme Songs for my cats :D Also, feel free to ask if you want a cat you made on this -Leaf

FrostClan & IvyClan cats

Blizzard - What I've Done - Linkin Park

Blizzard - Angel of Darkness - by Alex C.

Dragonstar - Haunted - by Evanescence

Icefur - My Immortal - by Evanescence

Sandfoot - In the End - Reason: Because he loved Lightningheart and in the end he died saving her

Leafstar - When You're Gone - Reason: Both her parents died when she was a kit

ThunderClan cats

Cloudstar - My Happy Ending - Reason: Her mate was killed by Blizzard

Waterwhisker - Bring me to life - Reason: He's crushed because he couldn't be a warrior, so he just wants to one day wake up and be healed

VineClan Cats

Flamestar - Numb - Reason: She was always the greatest fighter in VineClan, but then something made her be the worst

Morningstar - Keep Holding On - Flametalon doesn't want her to die

The Griffin's Rise

Bronze/Falconwing - See Who I Am - He wants other cats to learn that he's a griffin but he doesn't want them to panic about it


Flamepelt - All about Us - He loves Cinderpelt

The Sharpest Sword

Starlingwing - Forever - Cause he loves Cloudstorm

Bumblestripe - Bolevard of Broken Dreams - he's not Cloudstar's mate even though he wanted to be

Dragonstar's Prophecy

Dragonstar - So Cold - She died so she's cold lol

Twizstorm's Cats

Marshpaw -