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This is just some Warriors from ThunderClan, WindClan, RiverClan, and ShadowClan when they learn about my internet friend called the computer :D -Leaf

Firestar: Great StarClan! Tis a................. er....... Twoleg thing?

Sandstorm: Duh!

Blackstar: Firestar, sometimes you scary me.

Firestar: Wait till you see me on Halloween, I'm *thunder and lightning starts* Elmo!!!!

Onestar: Owned!

Blackstar: *cries* Elmo's like well..... Elmo and I are tight!

Leopardstar: Freak! *scoots away*

Onestar: OMS! A box!

Sandstorm: *stares* Er you okay?

Onestar: Duh! *bites tail*

Sandstorm: o.O

Firestar: Guyz! I found a internet chat!!!!!!!

Sandstorm: WTF?!

Blackstar: Sandstorm, we can chat online now! *sighs*

Leopardstar: wOOt!

* * *

FiatodaStar sent MastaHunter an e-mail

Firestar: I did it!!!! :D

Sandstorm: *read e-mail* 'You can set da patrols.' *replies*

FiretodaStar, you have mail

Firestar: *reads* 'Thanks!' *replies*

BlackstarNighty sent Spotster an E-mail

Leopardstar: :D *reads*  'Die!' *replies*

Spotster replied to BlackstarNighty

Blackstar: *reads* 'You ************************ kit hater ************* evil child ***************!!! I hate you!' *sniggers*

ThunderClan's Chat Room

Fire'sMate has entered the Chat Room

FirePowa has entered the Chat Room

HerbsandCrows has entered the Chat Room

SquirreltodaFlight has entered the Chat Room

SandMasta has entered the Chat Room

Jayfeatherseezu has entered the Chat Room

FirePowa: Cool!

Fire'sMasta: Hi, Firestar!

HerbsandCrows: Hi, Spottedleaf!

SandMasta: GRRRRR!!! DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE!!!!!!!!

Jayfeatherseezu: Chill mom

SquirreltodaFlight: OMG Leafpool, Crowfeather's here!! *faints*

HerbsandCrows: Where!?

FirePowa: By the Sky Oak

HerbsandCrows: Thanks dad!

HerbsandCrows has left the Chat Room due to issues

Jayfeatherseezu: Yeah, LOVE issues!

SandMasta: Erm, Jayfeather, how can you see?

Jayfeatherseezu:" Beats me

SquirreltodaFlight: o.O

WindClan's Chat Room

Nightcloudbabe has entered the Chat Room

OnceFire'sBestBud has entered the Chat Room

Lion'sgal has entered the Chat Room

Breezy has entered the Chat Room

Leafpool'sMan has entered the Chat Room

Leafpool'sMan: brb

Leafpool'sMan has left the Chat Room

Nightcloudbaba: Where'd Leafpool'sMan go?

OnceFire'sBestBud: He's sharing Tounges with HerbsandCrows

Lion'sgal: Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, Breezy, you want to?

Breezy: Nah

Liongal: Meanie

Breezy: lol

Breezy and Lion'sgal have left the Chat Room

OnceFire'sBestBud: I think I know what's happening

Nightcloudbabe: No you don't, Lion'sgal and HerbsandCrows are chatting about toms and Leafpool'sMen and Breezy are fighting

OneFire'sBestBud: oh

ShadowClan's Chat Room

BlackY has entered the Chat Room

RussetFur has entered the Chat Room

LittleCloudyStarClany has entered the Chat Room

RogueKitty has entered the Chat Room

GrassTiger has entered the Chat Room

BlackY: RussetFur, you have no style

RussetFur: Geez, sorry!

RogueKitty: Littlecloud needs help getting herbs

GrassTiger: I'll help!

RogueKitty: Thanks Flamepaw!

BlackY: o.O

RogueKitty: U haves issues

BlackY: no u di-didn't!

RussetFur: Hi!

BlackY: Freak

Tigger: I changed my name!! I'm a big cat now! :D

RogueKitty: Hooray!!

Tigger: XD

RiverClan's Chat Room

Spotster as entered

RoboChick has entered

HerbsandHawks has entered

HitlerKitty has entered

Phil has entered

Spotster: Sup peeps!

RoboChck: Shut up

HerbsandHaks: Hi!!!

Spotster: Uhhh Mothwing, please change your name, that's Leafpool's name

HerbsandHawks is now Mothy

Phil: Betta!

RoboChick: uhhhhhh

HilterKitty: Hi!!

RoboChick & Phil: Oh StarClan!!!! Hawkfrost!!!! *screams*

HilterKitty: Geez peoplez dn't do dat!

E-Mail Roomez

RiverClan E-Mail=River@Clan.chatkitty

ShadowClan E-Mail=Shadow@Clannerss.chatkitty

ThunderClan E-Mail=Thunda@Rockers.chatkitty

WindClan E-Mail=Windy@Clan.chatkitty

=Da Gathering

Thunda@Rockers.Leaderpgz has sent Shadow@Clannerss.chatkitty an E-Mail

Firestar: wOOt!!

Blackstar: *reads* 'To Blackstar, I hate ur guts. DIEDIEDIEDIEIDIEIDIEIDIEIDIIEIDDIEIDIIIDEIDIIDIDE!!!!!!!!' WTF??

Shadow@Clannerss.Leaderpgz has sent Thunda@Rockers.chatkitty an E-Mail

Blackstar: *smirks*

Firestar: *reads* 'To FlameButt, I hate u ***** die! U havez issues, BIG TIME!! shoot, did cap locks!' >XD

Thunda@Rockers.Leaderpgz has sent Shadow@Clannerss.chatkitty an E-Mail

Blackstar: *reads* 'Dear Blackstar, We should have tea some day, how about near the border tomorrow old chap?' ... o_o