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Me and my best friend Ivycloud on here: I'm the black ear, Ive's the white.

Welcome to Warrior Cats Wiki

Warrior Cats Wiki is a place for Erin Hunter fans to hang out, make fanfics, misspell words... Have fun!


  • WCW was created! Woot woot!
  • Twizstorm requests all cats to advertise this to their warrior-luvin' friends if they value their livs.
  • Twizstorm is holding a Halloween contest! Anyone who makes up the scariest character or creepiest story (judged by me, I will not be participating) gets a special title!


Please write about warriors, make up your own cats and Clans, basically anything you want! BUT NOTHING INAPPROPRIATE. If it is inappropriate, it will be deleted, and you will be banned or ignored for a month. I hope that is enough to teach everybody that children might wanna go on here too, and we don't want to be a bad influence!

--Da Twizard of Oz 00:39, October 22, 2009 (UTC)

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