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About me IRL:

Irl I'm a tweenie girl who you can call Twizzie (cause she's not tellin joo her real name) who has brown-black hair and is like Brokenstar, Squirrelflight, Hawkfrost and Jayfeather mixed together. So watch out! I'm eating pizza in your backyard, and I hope you're not vegan cuz it's eat lover's and I'm force-feeding it too you wif a sock.


I also play a little guitar, a little piano, and a lot of clarinet. I'm in my school's advanced band. I've always wanted a cat since my first two died, but now I only have my Chessie Tank, my red, white & blue beta Uncle Sam, and my mom's beta Bernard.


This Charart, made by Echomist, rox hard!

I am addicted to books, chocolate, petting my dog, and the internet.

This is a charart that Echomist mai buddeh made foo me.

About me on... here:

I am the founder of this wiki

I am the leader of ShadowClan (the code name for Project Clean :P)

I can ban joo *ninja*

My Siggies:

TwizstormLe Cool and Awesomesauce

TwizstormLe Darth Vader Cookie Eater

Twizstorm- "I can blow up stuff with my mind!"

My fav. Characters:

Brokenstar: You rock, man! Go! Whoo!

Yellowfang: Brokenstar broke your heart, yet you're still aweshum.

Jayfeather: You're always so grouchy. Exactly like me when I wake up!

Tigerstar & Hawkfrost: You're evil. Low down. Shallow. You remind me of myself when I'm plotting revenge.

Scourge: You're only evil 'cause you're misunderstood, and you're only a kit. And you have legions of terror.


Raggedstar: You all around rock foo bein ShadowClan leader

My Least fav. Characters:

Firestar: Goody two-shies! Humph! *turns her nose away in disgust*

Sandstorm: Go stealing Spottedleaf's love you ******************************ing *****************************