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Twiz, this is for Halloween, even though it's late :P Oh yes, Blizzard is a rogue I made up who kills cats for no reason but mainly because The Shade of Death tells him too, This is like his thoughts -Leaf

What I Want

My name is Blizzard, I was formerly Icetalon but my clan exiled me for killing my mate, kit, and nearly killing my grandkit. Now my grandkit is a warrior called Icefur with a mate, Dragonstar. I want to kill Icefur, but oddly not his mate. I see something in her, her heart is pure, so are her thoughts. I can't stop thinking about her, I think I love her. Blizzard looked at the sky and saw a black cloud. "Ink." he whispered. "Looks like a new cat to kill." Tornado looked at him and sighed. "Blizzard, aren't you too old for this stuff?"

"No, I'm not." growled Blizzard.