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Is this the Krusty Krab?:      No, this is Patrick

Leader - Thornstar - Tabby cat - male - Dark brown tabby fur with bule eyes - mate = Whisperfart

Deputy - Stoneheart - Smoke-Colored Egyptian Maw with dark grey eyes - female - younger sister of Cinderfart Petersen

(Aprentice: Ivypool - male - White fur with rainbow eyes)


Piestorm / Pie - female - Black fur, left paw white and red eyes (Aprentice: Pooppaw - she cat / Tabby cat - dark brown tabby fur with amber eyes)

Cinderfart - Smoke-Colored fur with light grey eyes - elder sister of Stoneheart (Aprentice: Shadepaw - A Blue Spotted Australian dog - female)

Ambereye - Smokey fur with one amber eye and one blue eye - Female (Are you assuming this cat's gender?) 

heart-- Plush blue fur with a black pach of fur on her chest with greyish blue eyes - Russian Blue - Female (Aprentice: Waterpaw - male - Maine Coon - Blackish brown tabby patteren fur with black eyes) 

Tail -  Brown Spotted with brown eyes with rat scares on her tail - Female

wing - Light grey fur with black and brown makeings - male (Aprentice: Wolfpaw - female - Greyish blackfur with amber eyes)

heart - Super dark red fur with bright amber eyes - male - mate = Dragonfur

fur - Surper light brown fur with beutiful green eyes - female - mate = Phoenixhearth

eart - Tabby cat - light brown fur with amber eyes and is blind in her left eye - mate = Thronstar

Buttfur - Dark grey fur and bule eyes - mate = Crab Rave

Queens: Crab rave- Black fur and black eyes - mate = Stormfur - Kit/s:  fortNightkit


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